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We're friendly, just not to bugs.

We are dedicated to each other just as much as we are dedicated to our customers. It’s what makes us such a strong team.

Getting Dirty with Triangle Pest Control

We take our jobs seriously and have a “whatever it takes to complete the mission” attitude. We have a boss that is willing to go out in the field and crawl in the darkest, dirtiest crawl space with the rest of the team, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Susan Knowles-Warren


Andrew Doyen

Branch Bed Bug Tech

Michael Blight

Branch Pest Tech

Cody Holbrook

Branch Pest Tech

Steve Meidinger

Branch Pest Tech

Stacy Grishaw

Branch Pest Tech

Dolan Newlin-Blackwell

Branch Termite Tech

Kyle Donnelly

Branch Pest Tech

Matthew Townsend

Branch Pest Tech

Timothy Eschedor

Lawn Care Specialist

What Does A TPC Technician Do?

As a TPC Technician, every day is a new challenge. Each home you service is a puzzle box waiting for a solution. Pests do different things in different situations, and it is up to you to figure out the right solution for the customer and solve the puzzle. If you prefer to be outside and on the go, this is a great career option for you.

The TPC Customer Service Reps

The TPC Customer Service Reps are natural problem solvers with great communication skills. They have an in depth knowledge about our services and processes in order to help when our customers reach out. If you like people and enjoy problem-solving, a CSR position is a great option.

Management at TPC

Managing a team at TPC means clearing the path for your people to be the best they can be. Removing obstacles and seeing to smooth operations are the keys to being a successful manager. We don’t want our employees to check their brains at the door, we want to hear ideas about how to make TPC even better, and management helps make that happen.

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